Forex is an international interbank market. Operations are carried out through the system of institutions: Central banks, commercial banks, investment banks, brokers and dealers, pension funds, insurance companies, multinational corporations. It is believed that the daily turnover in the Forex market is about 6 trillion. dollars’.

The Forex market can be compared to an exchange office where one currency is bought or sold for another. Suppose you know that the price of a dollar is rising. You can make money from this — you can sell euros or rubles, buy dollars, wait for the price to rise, and resell them at a better price. This example helps to understand what Forex is: transactions in the foreign exchange market are made in the same way, the only difference is the volume of sold and purchased amounts.

Forex currency market allows you to earn in any situation thanks to the fluctuation of rates. If the demand for a currency falls (respectively, this currency becomes cheaper), this suggests that some other currency becomes more popular, and its price increases.

This is a virtual trader-robot, which is programmed to trade on the basis of its trading strategy. This is an automated strategy that opens and closes positions in a fully automatic mode. As you know, a good profit on the Forex market can be obtained only in the presence of its well-proven trading strategy. Trading robots are used to automatically display the trading process, which allows to release the trader from constant surveillance of the market.

NIGHT HUNTER works with The MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. MT4 can be found and downloaded from most brokers in your personal account, or on the official website of the developer.

Yes it is easy to use. NIGHT HUNTER is based on the latest technologies that allow you to install, run and start making money in a few clicks. You don’t have to be a professional. Everyone can do it. It is totally hands free and the whole process is 100% automated.

Yeah, it’s too easy. Just a few steps and you’ll be ready to use NIGHT HUNTER. A detailed guide is provided along with the purchase of an automated system. Where each step is described in detail.

You will only need to provide your real trading account number, which was provided to you by the broker at registration.

Yes, NIGHT HUNTER can work 24 hours a day from Monday market opening to Friday market closing. You don’t need to keep track of your transactions. The trading robot will do it for you. It will automatically track trades, open and close positions.

First, you need a computer with a minimum hardware configuration and a stable Internet connection. Secondly, it is necessary to install the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. You don’t need to have any additional Forex knowledge because our NIGHT HUNTER includes a detailed user manual and installation guide.

You can use any broker that offers Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You don’t have to trade yourself. Just turn on NIGHT HUNTER and let it trade using your account to bring you profits. Of course, you can trade manually. But we recommend You only use the NIGHT HUNTER to avoid losses.

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